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1. Improve & Grow my Business​

According to one study by author Brian Tracy, more than 70% of self made millionaires create their wealth from owning a business. Generally therefore, the biggest opportunity to grow your income to reach the stages of financial freedom comes from improving the performance of your business.

There are two ways in which Scale up Accounting can help you to improve your performance. These are:

1. Financial Management
2. Business Governance

Financial Management means essentially being able to manage your financial resources in a way that allows your business to achieve its optimum position. At Scale Up Accounting, we help provide financial insights on how your business is running and then develop financial systems to ensure that you can maximise your business returns.

Business Governance refers to assisting your business as one of its trusted advisors to create a structure to enable your business to become better at decision making. The business governance work can range from one to one advice right up to the successful implementation of Advisory Boards for clients. This is the highest level work that Entrepreneurs seek from us and creates the greatest results.


2. Increase and Protect my Personal Wealth

This is often the most neglected piece of a small Business Owners affairs. There is a tendency for Business Owners to not understand the relationship between income and assets and consequently these are often mismanaged.


At Scale Up Accounting we feel it is our duty to look after our clients holistic financial affairs. While we are not financial advisers, we act as a financial project manager for a clients – helping them to put together and manage the action plans for their wealth affairs. We then track the progress you make towards your goals annually.

3. Minimise Tax & Compliance

The major objective of being an accountant is to minimise the amount of tax you pay and reduce the work you have to do for your taxes.

The value of Kiwi Entrepreneurs is best spent focusing on the key areas of their business and personal lives rather than on business administration.

By having timely access to compliance records, Scale up Accounting can minimise your compliance work and taxes.

Scale Up Accounting places great value on being able to minimise the amount of work you need to do to complete your annual tax returns and on all compliance activities. We go to a huge effort up front to make sure we set up all the correct systems to ensure you need to do as little work as possible to finish your tax returns.

Reducing your taxes and compliance work is the final step to helping create financial freedom for clients.

Improve and Grow
Increase Protect
Minimise Tax


We have designed this set of the top 10 key questions to see what value you will receive from Scale Up:

Please rank yourself from 1 to 5 on each question (with 0 being 'no idea' and 5 being 'completely sorted')

  1. Do I have any process in place for managing your personal financial affairs?

  2. Do I have any companies/trusts set up in a structure when I am not sure what they are used for?

  3. Am I on track to achieve your financial objectives? How do I know? (ie what scoreboard do you have in place for this)

  4. Do I use my accounting information to make better business decisions? If so, how frequently (We recommend monthly!)

  5. Are all my key documents/documentation stored in 1 place?

  6. If I were incapacitated for a period of time, would my affairs be dealt with adequately (ie could your business continue? Would your significant other still be able to deal with your affairs?)

  7. Do I know what the current value of my business is? Do I have a plan to know what the next major increase in value will come from?

  8. Is my KiwiSaver/bank savings account performing well? (How do I manage this?)

  9. Does my business have cashflow issues? Do I understand why?

  10. Am I working more than I want (or do I need to work more hours to get a better business result)? 


If you have scored less than 30, we guarantee we can help!

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