We believe there is a better way to do small business accounting. A way that helps create more money and less pressure on NZ small business owners. We are passionate about helping people achieve their financial freedom while still having time to go on holidays for 4 weeks a year. We know that when New Zealand business owners create their own version of financial freedom they are free to fully engage in their true passions and create the life they want for themselves.


Our focus in on understanding your business and money affairs. As your accountant we are the only ‘money’ partner who has the oversight of your entire financial and business affairs. This makes us the perfect partner to help you grow and protect your business and wealth.    


We know that when kiwi business owners create financial freedom they are free to fully engage in their true passions and create the life they want for themselves.




Karyn Forsman

Senior Associate

Karyn has recently joined Scale Up Accounting after previously working in roles in the big four and also as a Senior Associate for 19 years at her previous firm. Her experience includes working with a wide range of clients from large corporates, both NZ and overseas based, to successful boutique NZ businesses and high worth individuals.


Karyn is our Senior Tax Accounting Manager and is responsible for the Financial Management and Compliance aspects of Scale Up Accounting.


Karyn is most passionate about helping and working along side growing businesses and individuals to get the best results for them.


Daniel McGregor


Daniel is the Director of Scale Up Accounting. He started Scale Up after realising the important role that accountants play in the eyes of NZ Entrepreneurs. His previous experience includes running divisions of business advisory companies, acting as a key advisor and/or on advisory boards of small businesses, and as accountant to some of New Zealand’s Wealthiest individuals.


Daniel is our Business Advisory Expert and is responsible for developing success strategies for Businesses and Individuals.


Daniel is most passionate about helping seeing the underdogs (Being small business owners and individuals) succeed where it is becoming increasingly complex and much more difficult to do so.